Friday, June 24, 2011

June 23, 2011

We spent the day exploring Reykjavik, starting with a nice soak in the Nautholsvik thermal pool. The pool is next to a beach, but we chose to stay warm in the luxuriously hot pool, rather than shiver in the ocean water. Sho and Saya collected shells and played "Who can splash Daddy the most." :-)

We ate lunch at "Cafe Paris" with Darri Mikaelsson and his two wonderful kids. Darri has been a great help as we've planned this trip, and even offered to drive Eiko from Reykjavik to wherever Sho, Saya and I are when she joins our ride in July. While our kids played together, Darri and I went over the route in detail. There are several isolated sections in which we will need to carry about three day's worth of provisions and some stream crossings. Should be a fun challenge!

Here are some pics:

Sho and Saya thought their grandmother Nona would love these flowers. We called this place "Nona's Hill."

Saya helping assemble my bike:

Sho with the bikes in downtown Reykjavik:

Sho and Saya in the thermal pool:

Darri Mikaelsson and his son with Sho and Saya in front of a scale model of Iceland.

- An Iceland Bike Adventure post

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