Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 41: Aug 5, 2011

Today was our final day in Isafjordur. We said goodbye to Arisa, who boarded a noon bus to Reykjavik, leaving us all feeling the loss of her companionship. She would have loved our five-hour afternoon hike with North Explorers/Borea Adventures. Eiko, Sho, Saya and I joined a couple from England on a guided hike that started at the nearby oceanside village of Hnifsdalur and followed a path through a broad verdant valley to a peaceful waterfall. We then climbed up a rock-strewn mountain, eventually picking our way up a steep snow-covered climb before reaching Thjofatinder Peak. We signed a guest book and got a stamp on our hands to prove we'd made the summit. On a clear day, you can see wide and far from the peak, but we used our imaginations today, because of a heavy fog that provided at most a few dozen meters' visibility.

It was a challenging hike for the kids, listed by the tour company as appropriate for ages 12 and up. But as wannabe adventurers, we got an exemption. I carried Saya part of the time and held her close during the steep sections. As we neared the summit, scrambling over fairly treacherous terrain, Saya soothed herself by singing, "I'm scared. No I'm not! I'm scared. No I'm not!". Sho developed a blister on his heel, and Saya scraped her forearm and knees on the rocks, but just as they've done over the past forty days, they persevered to the end. And they got to sample wild crow berries, discovered a tiny flowering carnivorous plant, and marveled at patches of fluorescent green moss. It was a memorable outing.

We spent the evening back in Isafjordur packing up. I'll be sorry to leave this beautiful part of Iceland, and am already figuring out when I might return to sample some more ambitious treks in the area.

Here are some pics:

Sho and Saya with Arisa, as she headed for the bus:

Arisa boarding the bus to Reykjavik:

View during our hike:

Our resourceful and friendly guide:

Eiko during a break in the hike:

Saya and I by the waterfall:

Eiko and Sho:

Rocky terrain:

Don't slip:

At the top of Thjofatinder Peak:

Sho and Saya picking crow berries:

With Aslaug, who runs a wonderful guest house in Isafjordur:

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  1. I like Saya's mantra "I'm scared. No I'm not! I'm scared. No I'm not!" and am going to keep it in mind the next time I have to do something scary :-)
    Great adventure!
    Maria Judge

  2. Thanks Maria! It's great to hear from you. Saya will be glad to know that her fear-conquering mantra may be useful to others. :-)

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