Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 45: Aug 9, 2011

Our ride through Iceland is almost over. We need to return to Reykjavik by tomorrow night and decided to slow down and enjoy our penultimate ride.

We rode 45 km (30 miles) from Olafsvik to Hellnar, appreciating the clear sunny day as we cycled around the base of Snaefellsjokull glacier. We stopped frequently to take pictures and explore the lava fields and beaches at the western end of Snaefellsnes peninsula. The sea shimmered under the sun's rays, glistening ripples massaging the surface of the endless blue. At one point, Eiko laid down beside the road, staring up into the sky. "I can only see blue," she mused with a smile. Saya snuggled up next to her giggling.

We saw fields covered with hundreds of nesting arctic terns, watched whooping swans and eiders paddle easily over azure lakes, and paused to experience the calming silence at the foot of the glacier. Sho and Saya picked tiny blue crow berries to snack on and studied pock-marked volcanic rocks that were lighter than they looked. It was a fitting bookend to our ride.

Here are some pics:

Snaefellsjokull glacier:

Arctic terns. From a distance, I thought they were rocks:

The glacier:

Our lunch spot by a windy sea:

Eiko staring at the sky:

Sho and Saya picking crow berries:

View from the village of Hellnar:

Church in Hellnar:

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