Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bonus Blog: Sho and Saya's Observations

I've been collecting Sho (age 10) and Saya's (age 4) random comments over the trip so far and thought I'd share some. Enjoy!


- When cycling by a pasture of horses staring at us, Sho said, "We think they're beautiful, but they think we're ugly."

- "I want to live in Iceland. It has lots of public soccer fields, unlike New York City."

- When I asked him to buckle a pannier (bike bag), Sho complained, "I'm like a housekeeper now."

- Regarding Iceland: "There's so much nature here!" and, "The food just plain tastes better here."

- Saya complained when I told her that we would swim in a thermal pool at the end if the day, not first thing in the morning: "But tonight is tomorrow, and I wanted today!"

- Looking out at the incredible view of the ocean from the rocky coast on Heimaey (Westman Islands), Saya asked, "Are we in the middle of nowhere?"

- Trying to figure out the time: "Is it today or tomorrow right now?"

- Anticipating a tail wind while cycling: "Soon we'll become awesome."

- "Owls swoop down and eat them. And that's not good for the cute little mouses."

- "I saved my burp to tomorrow."

- "I like she more better."

- Standing beside a raging glacial river flowing through a large, bleak lava field in southern Iceland, Saya commented, "This is busy town!"

- Whenever Saya burps, she says, "Good one, right?"

- "Daddy, when I grow'd up, I want to buy a baby girl. I want a kid, but not one that grows up."

- When I supervised her putting a piece of bread into a toaster: "Daddy, this is so exciting! With my hand, I putted it all by myself."

- An Iceland Bike Adventure post


  1. Hi guys, it's Florence, Saya's teacher!
    This blog is wonderful- I had no idea about the backstory to your adventure- i think it's amazing! Would it be ok to share some of the images with the class? I wish I had known about the blog sooner- I would have checked it earlier! Miss you guys!

  2. Florence,

    Thanks for the note. Saya asked me to tell you that she misses you and "I love you, Florence.". Yes, feel free to share any of the pictures you'd like with the class. I'm sure that Saya will have fun telling you all about the trip when she's back in August.

    - Charles