Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 25: July 20, 2011

We cycled 55 km (34 miles) today from Myvatn to Husavik along a rolling stretch of road, sometimes paved, sometimes gravel. As we were leaving town, a group of tourists asked to take our picture. One man from Italy interrogated me about Saya's comfort in the bike trailer. I assured him that we took regular breaks, so that she could stretch her legs. Sho grumbled, "She's got it easy. I wish I could sit back and relax in that thing!"

It was chilly and cloudy at the start, but steadily warmed up as we rode along the varied terrain. Barren rocky expanses merged into pleasant grassy fields with meandering streams and grazing sheep. Snow-capped mountains appeared in the distance, and eventually we saw the wonderful, glistening ocean laid out ahead.

We arrived in the mid-afternoon in Husavik, a picturesque town in northern Iceland set on a gorgeous waterfront. A snow-dusted mountain chain framed the horizon looking out from the harbor. As the town is known for its whale watching excursions, Sho, Saya and I reserved a spot on a 3-hour outing tomorrow morning with the tour operator North Sailing. We then had a delicious meal of various seafood dishes (fish soup, grilled monk fish, trout) at Gentle Cafe, while enjoying the harbor view. It was luxury. We ended the day (where else?) at the local swimming pool, which Sho and Saya had scouted out in advance.

Here are some pics from today:

Sho and Saya with the friendly proprietor of Elda Guest House in Myvatn. He gave us a discount on the room when he learned we were doing a charity ride for the UN:

Sho with Baldur, a cool guy who works at the tourist office in Myvatn. He helped arrange our airplane trip and horseback riding outings:

Some views from the road as we cycled:

Our lunch spot:

Sho and Saya practicing emotional expressions over dinner. Here's happy:


And crazy:

View from our dinner table:

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  1. Whoa the "crazy" faces are fantastic. They must have gotten a lot of practice from looking at you Chuckie!!! Hahah, you guys look like you are having a fantastic time. Keep enjoying and can't wait to hear all about it in person!

  2. Haha! Thanks Shonali. Can't wait to tell you about the trip in person when I'm back.