Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 11: July 6, 2011

We rode 70km (43 miles) today from Vik to Kirkjubaejarklauster (say that one time fast!), population 120. We fell in love with Vik and chose to spend the morning exploring the area and enjoying the local thermal pool. Sho declared that, if we leave NYC, he would like to move to Vik. It has everything he needs: a swimming pool, soccer field, ocean beach, craggy cliffs populated by nesting gulls, and a place to eat.

We finally hit the road after lunch, cycling all afternoon through barren, black lava fields punctuated by dramatic gushing rivers and occasional fields of wild purple flowers. It was cloudy and cool, around 50F degrees, and there was little wind. As a result, we were able to cover 70km by dinner time.

We found a room in Klauster Hof, a comfortable shared accommodation with 2 bunk beds in our room. Sho and Saya squeezed together into a top bunk, and I slept below. Exhausted from the full day, both kids fell asleep as I read to them.

Here are some pics:

Sho and Saya on the beach next to Reynisdrangar Cliff in Vik:

Sho and Saya exploring the desolate lava flow during a break from cycling:

Snack break - notice the rocky landscape in background. It was like this for much of the ride today:

More interesting landscape during the ride with massive crevice in the distance:

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